What does it mean to have a home?

At Summit, “home” is central to how we understand community. And safe, available housing is the first step to creating or recovering a home.

Homelessness, often termed “houselessness” by advocates in the field, is at an all time high in cities across the United States. Los Angeles alone has seen a 12% increase in houselessness since 2018. Skid Row, sitting right at the heart of DTLA, has one of the highest density populations of houseless individuals in the country (Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority, June 2019).

In 2017 and 2018, Summit featured programming with LA Community Action Network (LA CAN), Venice Community Housing, Homies Unidos, and the Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles to bring awareness to the complex issues facing this area.

Most recently in 2019, Summit partnered with LA CAN, SRO Housing, and Operation School Bell to bring awareness, funding, and other resources to both new and proven solutions for houselessness in LA.


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2019 Giving Campaign

SRO Housing supports emergency shelter for DTLA residents who need it most.

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