Environment & Sustainability

What does it look like to have a sustainable future for all?

For over a decade, Summit has designed thoughtfully curated events in surreal environments. Through this work, we understand the power of environment and context. We also recognize the impact our actions can have on the environment around us.

There has never been a more important time to adopt sustainable business practices and give back to a planet that gives us so much. We pledge to continue to feature and support environmental leaders and to evolve our efforts to make our events as environmentally sustainable as possible.

Our event improvements and special volunteer projects continue to grow each year, thanks to the work of our environmental partners, including The Nature Conservancy, Conservation International, Los Amigos De La Equina, South Pole, and CHOOSE.


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Upcoming Events

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Upcoming Events


2019 Giving Campaign

SRO Housing supports emergency shelter for DTLA residents who need it most.

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