July Summer Weekend on Powder Mountain

Dinner for 120 in an open field at 9,000 feet on a ridge overlooking the 10,000 acres of Powder Mountain, Utah.

Social activities performed with remarkable blind faith, in a grove of Aspen trees.

Including this exercise where folks on either side of iHeart Media Chief Marketing Officer Gayle Troberman whisper diametrically different messages of empowerment to encourage receptivity to new inner voices. (We don’t fully understand the theory either, but it certainly broke the ice.)

Building a Billion Dollar Brand

That was the announced topic for Tim Bilyeu, founder of Quest Nutrition (the ubiquitous low-carb protein bars), but his motivational speech really was about life. He said he was not at all a born entrepreneur, and actually was lazy and insecure, even 60 lbs heavier. Then he woke up to the idea that everything depends on your mindset. First he got six-pack abs, then he started building businesses. He realized the only belief that matters is that your skills are not fixed but can grow and adapt. He says we can all be off to the races doing anything we want, if only we want it enough.

A Better Baby Bed

Planning for a generation that will regard Millennials as old fogeys, bestselling baby doctor Harvey Karp argued that parents are struggling to raise children because they don’t have the extended family featured in most of history; he says there used to be at least 5 sets of hands to help, and now if you’re well off, maybe you can hire one as a nanny. So he’s created a high tech company of 55 employees and unveiled an intuitive new bassinet that imitates the womb experience. He says it’s not as much a bed as “an older sister,” programmed to “rock and shoosh” all night long, with sensors to adjust motion and music if it detects child movement or sound. The product tagline: “Finally, kids come with instructions.”

Confides Harvey’s wife and co-founder Nina Montee (with a smile): “He may look like a nerd, but he’s really a tiger.” We believe it. A serious health issue at age 29 got him serious about health. He’s an accomplished windsurfer and river rafter, piloting the only craft that didn’t flip in a Chilean wild rapids competition a few years back.

Harvey joins us as an LA18 speaker in November.

The Great Outdoors

Not just the mind was exercised. With PowMow adding 35 miles of neatly carved trails in the last two years, you could bike…


Then at night, stargaze with popular astronomer Dr. Kevin Hainline, who weaves history and humanity and

… listen to intimate performances at 9,000 feet …

and celebrate Latin American cacao with eco-entrepreneur Stephen Brooks—a thinly disguised excuse to overconsume chocolate.

Summer's not over

Join the 100+ community members already signed up for our final summer weekend August 3 - 5. Few spaces remain!

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