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We’re committed to sailing responsibly

We’ll be reducing the impact of our voyage and taking collective action to protect and restore our oceans for future generations.

In Partnership With

Reducing Fuel

This same ship normally travels 1,100 miles, stopping at several ports along the way. We’re choosing to take it only 380 miles and travel slower to save fuel.

Going Carbon Neutral

In partnership with South Pole, we’ll use carbon credits to make the event carbon neutral.

Onboard Sustainability

Less Plastic

All plastic straws, stirrers, and picks will be replaced with paper or FSC-certified bamboo alternatives.

Plant-Forward Dining

One meal a day will be entirely plant-based, and the only seafood we’ll serve is MSC certified sustainable.

Zero-Landfill Waste

100% of our waste will be recycled or will go through waste-to-energy treatment.

Accelerating Entrepreneurial Solutions

In partnership with The Nature Conservancy and Sustainable Oceans Alliance, we’re creating an accelerator program for ocean solutions. We’ll be working with entrepreneurs who are supporting coral reef restoration and addressing some of the most significant, yet overlooked, threats to reef health, such as pollution and untreated sewage.

Get Involved

We’re excited to be working with partners on these projects and more in 2020. To get involved or share ideas, please reach out below.

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