One Plus One
Can Equal Three.

Are you calling Aristotle a liar? Or are you someone who believes the whole is greater than the sum of its parts? If so, care to synergize with a small, exceptional group of change-makers?
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How it works

Introducing Summit Junto.

The professional and personal advisory board to support your biggest life.

Members participate in intimate, structured juntos to mutually help each other navigate their most pressing challenges.

Summit Juntos offer a confidential environment that allows members to share complex professional and personal obstacles and opportunities.

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Our Curation

We’ve taken what we’ve learned over the last decade of gathering people, and distilled it into our Summit Junto forum curation process.

The results are highly-personalized advisory boards that create a unique environment for members to give each other tailored advice and genuine support.

Membership Offerings

Getting Junto.

Personal Advisors

Your own year-round personalized board of advisors, curated by Summit.

Access to our Global Directory

Access to our Global Member Directory to connect with Summit Junto members.


Backstage access to monthly Summit Sessions with world class speakers.


Intimate retreats to connect with Summit Junto members—available when in-person gatherings resume.


1:1 facilitated intros to members outside of your Summit Junto Group based on common industries, passions, and communities.

The Game Plan

Your first three months of your Summit Junto experience are designed as an accelerator for group dynamic and trust.

Your first two sessions are led by a professional Summit facilitator.

After the second meeting the forums become peer-led to increase accountability.


The law of gravitational force is not limited to celestial bodies.

We’re excited to offer you unique Summit year-round experience.

Membership includes: Summit Junto forum, exclusive events and programming, and unlimited lifetime connections.

We are now accepting the next wave of Summit Junto membership. Apply to be considered.