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Summit Fellows

A Summit initiative supporting the next generation of leaders through events, community, and mentorship.


Summit Fellows provides impact-driven entrepreneurs access to Summit's supportive community, insightful programming, and dedicated mentorship designed to accelerate their careers and amplify the impact of their work.

How it works

Through an open application, Summit selects Fellows who are working to solve global issues through innovative solutions.

Over the course of a two-year Fellowship, Fellows participate in Summit events and receive valuable support from assigned mentors who align with their goals.

Fellows inspire, exchange ideas with, and build relationships with Summit’s community of global leaders who become collaborators, investors, mentors, and lifelong friends.

Meet The First Class Of Summit Fellows

Kroenke Women's Fellowship

Nasreen Sheikh

Promoting education, employment and health care by empowering women and educating children.
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Eliana Murillo

Tequila Alquimia
Crafting sustainable tequila to improve the environment, create jobs and support nonprofit causes.
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Erin Zaikis

Training women to repurpose soap, which is provided to children in need of soap and hygiene education.
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Felicity Conrad

Increasing access to justice by helping lawyers do more, high-quality pro bono work.
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Brittany Young

Disrupting the prison pipeline and building communities by connecting dirt bike culture with careers.
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Ilwad Elman

Elman Peace Centre
Fostering large-scale transformations for peace in active conflict zones.
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Jenna Nicholas

Impact Experience
Directing investments to solve society’s greatest challenges.
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Nicole Cardoza

Yoga Foster
Empowering educators to make wellness elementary for themselves and their students.
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Wawira Njiru

Food for Education
Providing nutritious meals to students in Kenya to improve nutrition, school attendance & performance
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Sara Minkara

Empowerment Through Integration
Teaching skills to people with disabilities to challenge stigmas and stereotypes.
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Summit Impact Fellowship

Chante Harris

Making New York City a better place to live, work and visit by helping organizations succeed.
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Darius Baxter

Ending poverty in the District of Columbia.
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George Batah

Syrian Youth Empowerment
Providing opportunities for youth and refugees in conflict countries to pursue higher education abroad.
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Kaitlin Mogentale

Pulp Pantry
Helping the world eat in a way that works for our planet, communities and health.
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Laura McGee

Using machine learning to help companies unlock the potential of diversity and inclusion in the workplace
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Nathalie Figueroa

Investing in social enterprises that generate dignified jobs for people in need.
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Solveiga Pakstaite

Reducing unnecessary waste by representing a new standard in freshness information.
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Tiffany Yu

Using the power of community to rebrand disability.
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Wanona Satcher

Mākhers Studio
Designing and deploying affordable space solutions for housing, neighborhoods and public services.
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Mercedez-Benz EQ Mobility Fellowship

Alisyn Malek

May Mobility
Increasing access to reliable, efficient and cost-effective transportation using self-driving technology.
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Humphrey Wrey
Building a platform to book long distance bus journeys, focusing on people who live in sub-Saharan Africa
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Jenny Wu

Oyler Wu Collaborative
Designing the future of the built environment to redefine the way we live, work, play and travel.
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Jordan Davis

Smart Columbus
Accelerating human progress by creating accessible and sustainable public transit.
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Michael Lim

Developing traffic intersection technology to enable the future of autonomous transportation.
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Rahul Gayam

Gayam Motor Works
Building affordable electric vehicles and the infrastructure necessary for their adoption.
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Tamara Warren

Le Car
Empowering women to make confident decisions about mobility with a personalized car-buying app.
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Tara Pham

Empowering cities to become more responsive without surveillance.
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Gene Berdichevsky

Sila Nano
Building a new standard for batteries that power electronic transportation.
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Emily Brooke

Building a healthier and more sustainable cities by getting more people on bikes.
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Marriott International #LoveTravels Fellowship

Isabel Rullán

Creating a stable, productive and self-sufficient Puerto Rico.
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Jordan Reeves

Amplifying the voices of queer folks through the world's largest library of coming-out stories.
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Nadya Okamoto

PERIOD. The Menstrual Movement
Fighting to end period poverty and stigma by making menstrual hygiene products accessible to everyone.
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Tony Weaver, Jr.

Weird Enough Productions
Using diverse comics to combat media stereotypes and champion media literacy.
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Summit Fort Worth Fellowship

Caitlyn Hubbard

Kelly Hart & Hallman LLP
Delivering creative legal solutions for underrepresented founders.
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Cameron Sadler

NewCraft Technologies
Improving labor market efficiency by connecting high-performing knowledge workers with rising talent.
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Carly Burson

Tribe Alive
Making sustainable women’s fashion that providies jobs to female artisans across the world.
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Elizabeth Cuneo

Kelly Hart & Hallman LLP
Delivering creative legal solutions for underrepresented founders.
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Gabe Williams

Closing the activity gap in sport, art and music participation among underserved communities.
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Hannah Watkins

Kelly Hart & Hallman LLP
Delivering creative legal solutions for underrepresented founders.
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Jarratt Watkins

Kelly Hart & Hallman LLP
Delivering creative legal solutions for underrepresented founders.
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Kam Phillips

Dream Outside the Box
Inspiring positive futures among children by providing them with mentorship and career exploration kits.
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Taylor Willis

The Welman Project
Reducing waste, increasing resources and fostering innovation through creative reuse in the classroom.
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