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Summit Fellows Cohort Two

Senior Fellows

Brittany Young

Baltimore, Maryland
Disrupting the prison pipeline and building communities by connecting dirt bike culture with careers.
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Chante Harris

New York, New York
Making New York City a better place to live, work and visit by helping organizations succeed.
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Darius Baxter

Washington, D.C.
Ending poverty in the District of Columbia.
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Erin Zaikis

New York City, New York
Training women to repurpose soap, which is provided to children in need of soap and hygiene education.
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George Batah

Syrian Youth Empowerment
New York, New York
Providing opportunities for youth and refugees in conflict countries to pursue higher education abroad.
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Jenna Nicholas

Impact Experience
San Francisco, California
Directing investments to solve society’s greatest challenges.
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Jordan Reeves

Brooklyn, New York
Amplifying the voices of queer folks through the world's largest library of coming-out stories.
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Kaitlin Mogentale

Pulp Pantry
Los Angeles, California
Helping the world eat in a way that works for our planet, communities and health.
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Nadya Okamoto

PERIOD. The Menstrual Movement
Portland, Oregon
Fighting to end period poverty and stigma by making menstrual hygiene products accessible to everyone.
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Nasreen Sheikh

Kathmandu, Nepal
Promoting education, employment and health care by empowering women and educating children.
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Nathalie Figueroa

Oakland, California
Investing in social enterprises that generate dignified jobs for people in need.
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Nicole Cardoza

Yoga Foster
New York, New York
Empowering educators to make wellness elementary for themselves and their students.
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Rahul Gayam

Gayam Motor Works
Hyderabad, India
Building affordable electric vehicles and the infrastructure necessary for their adoption.
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Sara Minkara

Empowerment Through Integration
Cambridge, Massachusetts
Disrupting the pity-based narrative around disability to reflect a narrative based on individual value and authentic inclusion by empowering youth with disabilities (as well as their families and community) to challenge stigmas and reach their full potential.
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Tara Pham

Brooklyn, New York
Empowering cities to become more responsive without surveillance.
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Tiffany Yu

San Francisco, California
Using the power of community to rebrand disability.
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Tony Weaver, Jr.

Weird Enough Productions
Washington D.C.
Using diverse comics to combat media stereotypes and champion media literacy.
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Wanona Satcher

Mākhers Studio
Atlanta, Georgia
Designing and deploying affordable space solutions for housing, neighborhoods and public services.
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Incoming Fellows

Abiodun Adereni

Lagos, Nigeria
Using mobile technology and low cost innovation to tackle maternal and infant mortality in rural and underserved areas of Nigeria.

Adriana Heredia Sánchez

Beyond Roots
Havana, Cuba
Promoting Afro-Cuban culture by organizing experiences to preserve African heritage and educate foreign visitors about the legacy of Cuba’s African ancestors.

Alex Peay

Ones Up
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Driving economic growth in disadvantaged communities by helping young people develop skills and uncover their professional interests.

Alexa Modero

Backpacks for Life
New York, New York
Serving the homeless and at-risk veteran community by providing personalized support.

Aline Sara

New York, New York
Offering high-quality, curated language services delivered by refugees and displaced persons.

Ana Gloria Guzmán

Conservation International
San José, Costa Rica
Piloting a set of tools to assess the conditions of fisheries, and working with communities and stakeholders to protect them.

Ava Pipitone

Baltimore, Maryland
Building software to increase available beds in the shelter system.

Cameron Cushman

UNT Health Science Center
Fort Worth, Texas
Building the entrepreneurial community in Fort Worth to help people start companies, create jobs, and bring new innovations to market.

Carlos Alberto Gómez Ramírez

Havana, Cuba
Creating and promoting content to increase the visibility of Cuban filmmakers, artists, and musicians.

Charles Batte

Tree Adoption Uganda
Kampala, Uganda
Bringing tree planting, conservation, and climate action to families in Uganda.

Chiara Cecchini

Future Food Americas
San Francisco, CA
Empowering students and universities to be involved in food innovation, and encouraging food and beverage companies to work directly with their consumers of tomorrow.

Cody Two Bears

Indigenized Energy
Cannon Ball, North Dakota
Bringing renewable energy to Standing Rock Reservation and surrounding areas.

Curtez Riggs

Military Influencer
San Antonio, Texas
Connecting entrepreneurs, business executives, and brands with the influencers who shape and support the military community.

Daniel Wright

GOOD Projects
Washington, D.C.
Alleviating poverty by developing holistic social change programs that address the most pressing issues under-resourced communities face.

Daniela Valdivia

Huellas & Futuro
Sucre, Bolivia
Implementing violence-prevention programs to help abolish gender-based violence.

Daquan Oliver

New York, New York
Equipping underestimated youth to own their future through entrepreneurship.

Fariel Salahuddin

Islamabad, Pakistan
Enabling off-grid, rural farmers to access water, energy, and direct markets by using livestock as currency.

Gabriela Bell

Organized Q
Washington, D.C.
Providing military spouses flexible virtual executive assistant employment opportunities.

Gator Halpern

Coral Vita
Nassau, The Bahamas
Growing climate change-resilient corals to restore our world's dying coral reefs.

Hannah Olson

Chronically Capable
Washington, D.C.
Connecting chronically ill and disabled persons to short-term, part-time and full-time remote work opportunities.

Jamey Ice

6th Avenue Homes
Fort Worth, Texas
Revitalizing Fort Worth through community development, real-estate, & entrepreneurship.

Jamira Burley

Global Business Coalition for Education
New York, New York
Bringing diverse communities together to help close the skill gap and provide quality education for young people.

Joe Nail

Lead for America
Raleigh, North Carolina
Creating mediums for young leaders to serve in high-impact community leadership roles in their rural and urban hometowns.

Jonas Lessa

São Paulo, Brazil
Enabling responsible, innovative, and inclusive management of textile waste.

Jose Pila

Tent Hut
Los Angeles, CA
Helping US service members transition out of the military with the skills and knowledge needed to be successful in civilian life.

Joseph Zoleta

The Black 6 Project
New York, New York
Using the leadership and mission planning skills of military veterans to conduct humanitarian and disaster relief missions.

Juanjo Ladines

Inka Moss
Lima, Peru
Employing Andean communities harvesting sphagnum moss – a plant is a natural antibacterial and adsorbent of heavy metals.

Justine Evirs

The Paradigm Switch
Washington, D.C.
Teaching military spouses how to work anywhere in the world.

Kadeem Dunwell

The Young Entrepreneurs of Atlanta Foundation, Inc.
Atlanta, Georgia
Providing young entrepreneurs with tools, mentorship and resources that aid them in the growth and development of their entrepreneurial goals.

Kari Seher

MELT Ice Creams
Fort Worth, Texas
Changing the world one scoop at a time.

Kelcey Liverpool

Kids Rank
Chicago, Illinois
Supporting the social and emotional wellbeing of military and veteran children.

Kendrick Eagle

Indigenized Youth
Bismarck, North Dakota
Servicing the communities on Standing Rock Reservation.

Kennedy Ekezie-Joseph

Calabar Youth Council for Women's Rights
Lagos, Nigeria
Expanding access to socio-economic rights for women in Africa through initiatives that end the practice of female genital mutilation and provide economic and educational empowerment.

Kevin Beckford

The Hustlers Guild
New York, New York
Using hip hop to build a pipeline to technology and innovation for students of color.

Kevin Kassel

Nairobi, Kenya
Building the water utility of the future to democratize access to clean water around the globe.

Lamar Shambley

Teens of Color Abroad
New York, New York
Providing high school students of color with language immersion study abroad programs.

Lauren Fajardo Cardenas

Havana, Cuba
Employing Cuban women by creating thoughtfully designed garments that capture the essence of the modern Havana style.

Liber Puente Baró

Havana, Cuba
Spurring entrepreneurship in Cuba by providing access to technology.

Lindsay Church

Minority Veterans of America
Richmond, Virginia
Creating an inclusive community for minority and underrepresented veterans.

Marcos Lacayo-Bosche

Estación Vital
Managua, Nicaragua
Empowering the underserved population with access to preventive and educational tools that improve their physical well-being.

Mavis Tang

Fort Worth, Texas
Turning your smartphone into hearing aids, restoring sound back into the world through an AI enabled algorithm.

Meaghan Thumath

Centre for Gender and Sexual Health Equity
London, England
Working to end the overdose crisis and transform the way women access addiction treatment.

Melissa Ice

The Net
Fort Worth, Texas
Offering safe and dignified employment to local survivors of trafficking through hand-made goods.

Merideth Spriggs

Las Vegas, Nevada
Using garden therapy to help homeless Veterans to reintegrate them into the workforce.

Miguel Harth-Bedoya

Cowboy Compost
Fort Worth, Texas
Providing residential and commercial composting services in the Greater Fort Worth area.

Mubarak Sumaila

Accra, Ghana
Providing a digital savings platform to legitimize semi-formal savings in developing countries, helping unbanked individuals secure and grow their savings.

Neil Nuia

Dreamcast Theatre
Solomon Islands
Growing the arts in the Solomon Islands by creating a platform for artists to share, connect and earn an income while they enjoy their craft.

Nicole Baldwin

IThrive Network
Houston, Texas
Creating a digital wellbeing community that empowers and bridges the gap between Veteran women, active duty military women, and military spouses.

Nikola Alexandre

Conservation International
Washington, D.C.
Creating holistic regional models of what regenerative economic development systems must look like to enrich both people and nature over the next century.

Noorjahan Akbar

Young Center for Immigrant Children's Rights
Washington, D.C.
Advancing and protecting the rights of unaccompanied and separated immigrant children in federal custody in the United States.

Oliver Utne

Kara Solar
Quito, Ecuador
Working with the Achuar people of the Ecuadorian Amazon to create a solar-powered river transportation system.

Peris Bosire

Nairobi, Kenya
Providing digital financial services - loans, savings and agriculture insurance - to smallholder farmers and agriculture SMEs using mobile phones.

Peter Nyeko

Mandulis Energy
Kampala, Uganda
Using agricultural waste, to produce clean energy (electricity, biochar, briquettes).

Rainier Mallol

AIME, Inc.
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Using artificial intelligence to predict disease outbreaks before they happen.

Raphael Fellmer

Berlin, Germany
Saving highly edible, surplus or expired food and selling at up to 80% savings online and in retail locations.

Richie Reseda

Initiate Justice
Los Angeles, CA
Creating experiences (music, policy, videos, and workshops) that challenge patriarchy and prison systems.

Simone Pisu

Sustainable Fishery Trade
Lima, Peru
Empowering artisanal fishers through technology while promoting sustainability of marine resources.

Teina Rongo

Kōrero O Te `Ōrau
Cook Islands
Improving the well-being and environment of the indigenous people of the Cook Islands.

Tokata Iron Eyes

LRInspire, Inc.
Pine Ridge Reservation, South Dakota
Empowering American Indian youth to value their indigenous lineage, languages & ways of knowing.

Tyler Sickels

Fort Worth, Texas
Develops sunlight enhancing greenhouse films that enable farmers to increase their productivity and profitability.

Wietse Van Der Werf

Sea Ranger Service
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Building zero-emission work ships and training unemployed youth as Sea Rangers with the help of navy veterans to regenerate ocean biodiversity hotspots.

Valerie Courtois

Indigenous Leadership Initiative
Labrador, Canada
Directing a national effort to strengthen and support Indigenous-led conservation in Canada, including land management and stewardship.

Vanessa Luna

New York, New York
Ensuring schools are safe havens for our immigrant and undocumented community.