Wanona Satcher

Mākhers Studio
Atlanta, Georgia

Helping underserved communities by designing and deploying quality, affordable space solutions for housing, neighborhood enterprises and public services.

The problem

The lack of capital investments among low-income communities in the U.S. limits their access to well-designed and safe housing. The growth of expensive residential and commercial construction has outpaced income, pushing more people into housing stress and creating underinvested and under-resourced communities.

Our Approach

Mākhers Studio LLC repurposes shipping containers with innovative design strategies and construction practices to develop quality, affordable safe spaces called “Pods.” Their Pods serve as affordable housing and communal spaces among communities in need, bridging the gap between extremely high costs of living and relatively moderate personal income growth. Mākhers Studio LLC is committed to designing spaces that inspire citizen-led change and foster inclusive communities.

My Personal Hero

My grandmother, my mom and my aunt.