Solveiga Pakstaite

London, UK

Reducing unnecessary waste by representing a new standard in freshness information for industries, consumers and communities around the world.

The problem

Countless people lack access to fresh food; meanwhile, good food is wasted because its freshness can’t be determined. Food waste not only limits people’s access to healthy, fresh foods, it is also a major burden on the environment. This could be prevented with more informational food labels instead of overcautious expiration dates.

Our Approach

Mimica is creating a label called Mimica Touch that tells you the exact freshness of foods and when it will spoil. The label degrades at the same rate as the food, taking the guessing game out of food expiration. Retailers can use Mimica Touch to stock their shelves instead of relying on the wasteful, often inaccurate expiration date.

My Personal Hero

Daniel Epstein