Sara Minkara

Empowerment Through Integration
Cambridge, Massachusetts

Disrupting the pity-based narrative around disability to reflect a narrative based on individual value and authentic inclusion by empowering youth with disabilities (as well as their families and community) to challenge stigmas and reach their full potential.

The problem

An estimated one billion people live with disabilities, but pervasive stigmas and stereotypes often lead to exclusion and isolation, and eventually to society losing out on the immense value these individuals bring to the table. The cycle of disempowerment is self-perpetuating and can only be broken when a value-based narrative of disability replaces the prevailing pity-based one and a mandate of authentic inclusion is embraced across all societal spaces and sectors. Youth, especially those in developing countries including refugees and those experiencing conflict, are at particular risk of marginalization and missing out on reaching their full potential as empowered, independent changemakers in their communities.

Our Approach

ETI works tirelessly to disrupt the narrative around disability by implementing programs holistically targeting three levels of society: individuals, institutions and the general public

Direct service programs that empower youth with disabilities, their families and community - currently in Lebanon.

Customized education and training programming that advances inclusion across sectors- including our 'In The Dark' program featured at The Summit series.

Public engagement and advocacy that promotes a value-based narrative of disability worldwide.

My Personal Hero

My mother, who, the day I lost my vision on my 7th birthday told me "You are going to be all right" - and because of her love, empowerment, and support...I have been! Also, famed disability rights activist, and my personal mentor, Judith Heumann.