Kaitlin Mogentale

Pulp Pantry
Los Angeles, California

Helping the world eat in a way that works for our planet, communities and health.

The problem

The planet cannot sustain the world’s population if current patterns of consumption and waste don’t change. The food choices people make everyday impact personal and planetary health; however, most diets are degrading to both our bodies and the Earth.

Our Approach

Pulp Pantry creates foods that empower people to make healthier choices for their families, communities, the environment and themselves. Pulp Pantry transforms neglected fruit and vegetable-based resources into nutritionally dense, sustainable daily staples such as cereal, chips and more. With each pound of food they keep out of landfills, Pulp Pantry saves 38 gallons of water and countless resources used to grow, process and distribute food.

My Personal Hero

Chef Massimo Bottura