George Batah

Syrian Youth Empowerment
New York, New York

Providing opportunities for youth and refugees in conflict countries to pursue higher education abroad.

The problem

Students in conflict regions, including Syria, are often unable to access quality higher education due to lack of resources, institutional knowledge and finances. This has created a generation that will never receive the education they deserve, despite their potential. Creating greater access to higher education opportunity is particularly important in conflict zones, where an educated populace is essential to rebuilding the economy, improving public health and restoring a safer society.

Our Approach

SYE promotes access to higher education for refugees and youth impacted by social and political instability. SYE works with a group of committed mentors in the US to provide one-on-one mentorship throughout students’ college application processes while also helping to relieve the financial and logistical burdens of applying to college.

My Personal Hero

Michael Bloomberg