Eliana Murillo

Tequila Alquimia
Ventura, California

Crafting sustainable and eco-friendly tequila in order to improve the environment, create jobs and support nonprofit causes.

The problem

The tequila industry is highly dependent on pesticides, artificial fertilizers and toxic chemicals that contaminate the environment, create poor working conditions for farm workers, and yield unhealthy products.

Our Approach

Tequila Alquimia cultivates estate-grown agaves and uses a 100% sustainable and eco-friendly production process for their organic tequila. This helps to reduce the number of toxins absorbed by the environment, which are hazardous to workers. Tequila Alquimia also educates other growers and brands about the benefits of organic agriculture, and contributes 15% of every harvest to nonprofit causes.

My Personal Hero

Dolores Huerta