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Darius Baxter

Washington, D.C.

Ending poverty in the District of Columbia by combining the resources of their portfolio social impact organizations GOODProjects, GOODPartners and GOODFund with strong community partners.

The problem

In 2018, more than $415 billion was spent on philanthropic efforts annually; however, in the same year, Global Wealth Inequality widened at an alarming rate as the world’s richest significantly increased their fortunes while the poorest half of humanity saw their wealth dwindle.

Our Approach

Impact cannot happen at a grand scale without a nucleus. While most organizations look to expand, GOOD is doing the opposite: consolidating their impact to a single service area in Washington, D.C. They have created The “GOODZone”, which provides the youth and families who reside in it with 24/7 support in order to reduce crime and poverty, and impact outcomes in the school system.

My Personal Hero

Donald Glover