Carly Burson

Tribe Alive
Fort Worth, Texas

Making sustainable women’s fashion in a way that honors the maker, earth and consumer while providing jobs to female artisans across the world.

The problem

Around the world, women lack education and employment opportunities, basic health care services and experience violence and exploitation due to their gender. Investing in women and girls would create long-term social and economic benefits for all individuals, their communities and the world as a whole.

Our Approach

Tribe Alive is a women’s fashion brand working to eradicate extreme poverty by investing in and educating women. Tribe Alive collaborates on their fashion line with female artisans around the world who otherwise lack access to meaningful jobs and opportunities. They are committed to keeping 80% of their artisan network female, paying artisans a living wage and placing women in leadership positions.

My Personal Hero

Ruth Bader Ginsburg