Brittany Young

Baltimore, Maryland

Disrupting the prison pipeline and building stronger communities by connecting urban dirt bike culture with careers in STEM.

The problem

There is a need for more Black STEM professionals, who make up just 5% of all engineers in the U.S. Cities like Baltimore, D.C. and Philadelphia have many unoccupied STEM careers, as well as vibrant urban dirt bike riding cultures. Urban dirt bike riders have natural mechanic ability that could translate into meaningful careers in STEM; however, there aren't systems in place to connect the two.

Our Approach

B360 is changing the perception of urban dirt bike riders through community engagement and helping bikers translate their skills into STEM careers. B360 is working to re-imagine city planning and government best practices, create events that elevate urban dirt biking and provide a model for culturally relevant curriculums.

My Personal Hero

My younger sister