Community Coordinator


The Summit team is composed of producers, community builders, engineers, writers, and operators all with a sharp eye for experiential design and human connection. At Summit, you’ll create and support a product that enables a global community of leaders to develop meaningful relationships around dynamic shared experiences. Each team member values each other’s success as much as their own – we value reciprocity, growth, and fun.


  • As a Community Associate, you’re directly responsible for our team’s ability guide and grow the community with extraordinary people at the highest caliber and integrity.

  • While working on this team, you’ll be working with various teams such as Heads of Community, Art, Music, Fellowships, and more.

  • You’ll provide high-level administrative support by handling scheduling and correspondence, nurture high-level relationships with executives and entrepreneurs from across all industries.

  • You will offer organizational support by tracking and maintaining internal drives and spreadsheets.


  • 1-3 years of administrative experience

  • Highly responsive

  • Articulate, caring, and thoughtful

  • Highly organized, intuitive, smart and hard-working

  • Self-motivated


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