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Summit is an ecosystem that exists on this remarkable planet to connect and nourish the global makers. The high intensity, work hard play harder, do it no matter how big and bold, uninhibited human. Summit was born out of a pure desire to create experiences for people to gather, connect, and inspire one another. The Summit community has grown and evolved naturally, coming together throughout the years across our planet to learn, grow, expand, and gather. A beautiful interconnected ecosystem. This nexus for the creative and entrepreneurial community that is Summit, has become an incredible network of cultural advancement, impact, and change. Our growth has been inspired by our trusted community’s need and our desire to always be in service of living our biggest lives.


Summit Junto is a platform centered around finding and unlocking deep meaning and direction in our personal and professional selves.  We bring together global entrepreneurs, interdisciplinary leaders, creatives, and innovators to support one another’s commitment to learning, expanding, and co-navigating challenges and opportunities.

We believe when you better yourself you can better our shared world. 


Summit Junto is seeking a brilliant Community Engagement Manager with a passion for people. This role is a member-facing role instrumental in developing and executing experiences that drive member connections, value, and retention. This role will report directly to the Director of Community and will work in close collaboration with our Product team, Partnerships, Programming and Community teams to provide best-in-class community experience to members. This person is solutions-oriented and has experience in high-end customer / community service and events. They are focused on both the day-to-day community management and the ongoing experiences that drive values for our members.


  • Point of contact for members, managing expectations and overall member experience

  • Liaise with members and collaborate closely with the Community team regarding feedback and set best practices for streamlined solutions

  • Pilot strategies to drive member retention and renewals

  • Create and refine internal processes and systems to support scale including scheduling, member communications, facilitator scheduling, member feedback and surveys

  • Work closely with the curation committee and support with execution related to launching new Cohorts and Groups

  • Execute strategic updates to processes and tools for member onboarding and ongoing member management

  • Liaise with and support the facilitators and oversee scheduling and logistics and invoicing coordination

  • Deeply understand member needs and personas, strategizing and delivering on experiences that drive the most value for each member segment

  • Measure and track the success of forums, defining and measuring KPIs such as NPS, attendance, and happiness score

  • Collaborate with product and marketing to drive engagement, test and iterate on the in-person experience to optimize member value

  • Identify data and KPIs to make strategic decisions about community events and member engagement

  • Develop, refine, and iterate on an in-person event strategy with the goal of driving local and global member connections and ultimately driving member retention

  • Build and manage relationships with vendors, partners, and collaborators for events

  • Produce and manage agreed upon budgets for events

  • Collaborate with community team to provide the tools, resources, and logistical support to activate member-led in-person community initiatives at scale

  • Collaborate with internal and external stakeholders to leverage learnings and iterate on member experiences

  • Collaborate on broader community strategic initiatives and provide thought partnership and input on community engagement

  • Provide occasional support to the Programming Manager to host virtual community events on Zoom

  • Support with ongoing member connections to drive value

  • Responsible for accurate member data in Airtable, Salesforce, and other internal tech platforms

  • Identify ways to improve internal team systems as we scale including usage of Zendesk, Airtable, surveys, and more


  • Minimum of 5+ years of relevant work experience

  • Bachelor’s Degree

  • Must be thorough, attentive to detail, and comfortable working independently and as part of a team

  • Strong organizational, time management, and communication skills

  • Must have a strong desire to learn and be a team player

  • Must be able to navigate complex and special situations with care

  • Familiarity with Airtable and Salesforce or similar CMS tools and platforms




Salary based and commensurate to experience level.

Send your details and digits to:


Summit Junto has three unique offerings, each responding to specific lifestyle needs and designed to meet you where you are at: Summit Junto Membership, Summit Junto Forum, and Summit Junto Personal Advisory Boards. 


Membership is our base layer. Summit Junto Membership offers access to a group of extraordinary individuals bound by shared ambitions and the insatiable desire to learn, grow, and transform. Our members are dedicated to helping each other live their biggest lives. 

Our membership includes access to a global committed community, resources, immersions, and more.


Summit Junto Forum is our deep layer. Summit Junto is a group-based system designed for whole self-development and exploration. Summit Junto Forum provides a confidential environment to explore complex life obstacles and opportunities alongside a curated group of 5-7 leaders from different disciplines.

Our expert curators pair our members in Summit Junto Forums based on inputs such as professional expertise, industry diversity, life stage, and guiding principles. Our group curation optimizes for different perspectives and are designed to have a balance of aligned ambition and experience and expansive growth.

Summit Junto Forum participants become part of a small, trusted group. Our multi-year system deepens and evolves with proven formats and facilitation. Our members work together, supporting one another in their day to day lives creating an ever evolving landscape for sustained growth.

Whether you are building a company or investing in yourself, Summit Junto Forum is designed to enhance your vantage point, break down barriers, and rewire patterns so as to optimize your outcomes. Groups co-navigate one another’s complex challenges and explore opportunities that lead to life transformation. 


We believe in the intersection of our personal and professional lives. It’s the innate balance between the two that make us great leaders and live lives optimized for joy, health, and happiness for ourselves and the people around us. Summit Junto Forum is the most effective method to keep us balanced in all aspects of life. This is how Summit Junto helps us: 


Summit Junto Groups co-navigate life events and transitions, they help to identify and re-program one another's personal patterns, and support one another toward a more fulfilling, enriched and empowered life journey. 


Summit Junto Groups are made up of people who love what they do each day. Work is play. In your trusted Forum you will co-navigate professional transition, leadership challenges and often experience major shifts in your working relationships all leading to profound professional growth. 


Group are trained by Summit Junto expert facilitators. Our facilitators guide our groups throughout each cycle introducing Summit Junto formats developed by our Forum experts specifically to advance our community of high-octane achievers. 

Our virtual Forums are enhanced by in person meet-ups, retreats, Core City events, and Summit Junto Immersions where Forum members find each across the planet. 


Summit Junto Personal Advisory Boards are curated groups of our people brought together around a shared personal or professional topic or interest for a 90-day sprint-style experience. Groups share and work through complex professional and personal obstacles and opportunities.

Our system utilizes highly focused formats and tools to drive accountability and promote a structured environment for feedback to accelerate outcomes. Summit Junto Personal Advisory Boards are intimate working groups for the leaders of our time.

Our personal advisory boards are available to all Summit Junto members.

All Summit Junto offerings are designed to foster deep, meaningful connections and optimize all aspects of life - personal and professional. If you strive to make connections, create space for breakthroughs and support transformative personal change, then we would love to welcome you into our ever-learning, ever-growing community. Your biggest life begins here. 


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